Brazed plate heat exchangers manufactured by SWEP - Sweden

The brazed heat exchangers realize the heat transfer between two working agents (liquids or gases), within a stainless steel corrugated plates packages obtained by a special process of cooper or nickel brazing.

Within the plates package, every second plate is turned by 180Âș (in plan) to create two distinct flowing areas. The working agents are flowing in counter-current and the plates corrugation determine a high turbulence and a very efficient heat transfer.

Technical characteristics of brazed heat exchangers:
The plates package is sealed with nickel or copper, according to the working agents used in heat transfer. The maximum working temperature for brazed heat exchangers is 195ºC and the maximum woring pressure is 40 bar.

Advantages of brazed heat exchangers:

  • - Resistance at high working temperatures and pressures 
  • - High resistance against corrosion
  • - High efficiency
  • - High turbulence which determines low fouling
  • - Compact design
  • - Low needed room for installation, low weight
  • - Self-cleaning due to high turbulence
  • - Easy to install, easy to maintain and to operate