WELDED plate heat exchangers manufactured by pressko - germany

These types of heat exchangers are completely welded. The heat exchanger is cylindrical shaped and it is manufactured using welded stainless steel (or other special materials upon request) plates installed in an external shell.

Welding two by two plates in the flowing area, two separated and sealed channels are formed. The heat exchanger is complete sealed and fluid leakages and drippings are excluded.

The main fields of welded heat exchangers are: refrigeration, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, food industry, power plants and different industrial processes.

Specifications of complete welded plate heat exchangers:

Working temperature : - 60ºC up to 600ºC
Working pressure : - max. 40 bar
Plates material : - stainless steel (other materials upon request, including Titan)
Connections : - threaded or flanged DN 25 – DN 350 (special connections upon request)

Advantages of welded heat exchangers:

  • - compact design
  • - high operating temperature and high operating pressure, liquid leakages are excluded
  • - high heat loads
  • - reduced room for installation
  • - low cost