Intended for the instantaneous preparation of the domestic hot water, with automated temperature control between 50-70ºC. We offer a wide range of units, with heating load between 25 kW and 1275 kW or with any other heat load requested by the client. The working pressure of these units is 6 bar (for standard version) or 16 bar (upon request).

  • "MINI" 35 series – with heat loads between 25...93 kW
  • "MIDI" 90 series - with heat loads between 87...580 kW
  • "MAXI" 250 series - with heat loads between 570...1275 kW

The units are delivered in modular design, fully automated, tested by the manufacturer and has a very safe operation.

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Fully automated.
  • Optional: heat metering of the primary agent (upon request).
  • The flow rate of the primary agent is correlated with the demand of hot water.
  • Simple design, easy to be installed in the domestic hot water circuits of buildings.

The units have a modular, compact design, are tested by the manufacturer and they are provided with stainless steel plate heat exchanger with high thermodynamic characteristics.