Automatic continuous self cleaning filters MCF/M

Designed for high flow rates and high dirt loads.

  • - combine the advantages of the back flush cleaning with the high pressure water jet streams;
  • - intended for high dirt loads, high filtration capacity;
  • - continuous self-cleaning permits fine filtration of the liquids with high dirt load;
  • - due to the low pressure drop across the filter, the “soft” dirt particles are not pressed onto the screen;
  • - wide working pressure range (0,4 - 10 bar), wide range of applications;
  • - compact and solid design;
  • - continuous self-cleaning allows low pressure drop across the filter, small water quantities released to the atmosphere and a constant flow rate downstream the filter;
  • - ideal for filtration of the river water;
  • - controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC);


The filtration process begins when raw water flows into the filter inlet and through the coarse screen. Here, the water is pre-filtered in order to protect the cleaning mechanism from large debris. The water then passes on the inner surface of the fine screen; dirt particles are trapped and accumulate inside the filter while clean water flows out of the filter outlet.

The washing chamber is permanently open to the atmosphere by a ball valve. The pressure difference between the drain chamber and the atmosphere creates a reverse flow at the nozzles, generating a spot cleaning of the screen inner surface.

The electrical motor rotates the collector pipe and the nozzles, while the piston moves the collector pipe back and forward. The spiral movement of the collector pipe ensures that the suction nozzles sweep the entire inner surface of the fine screen. The dirt particles removed by back flush stream go from the collector into the drain chamber and they are eliminated by the valve.

The booster pump inject high pressure stream of filtered water through the nozzles enabling, by back flush cleaning, the removal of the sticky materials from the screen.

The rotation of the collector can be generated by:

  • hydraulic turbine, in MCF models
  • electric motor, in MCFM models


  • - working pressure: 0,4 - 10 bar (suction pump for washing water is needed for pressure of 0,4 - 1,2 bar);
  • - filtration degree: plane screens: 80; 100; 120; 150; 200; 400; 1500; 3000 microns; special screens: 15; 25; 40; 50; 80; 100; 120; 150; 200; 400 microns
  • - max. pressure: 10 bar;
  • - max. working temperature: 65ºC (up to 100ºC upon request);
  • - inlet / outlet connections: flanged, according to ASA150; DIN10, BST1;
  • - flush valve: threaded, 1", 2" (BSP or NPT);