Self-cleaning Filters

S.C. ICPIAF S.A. Cluj-Napoca together with V&T GROUP Nederland offers a wide range of self-cleaning filters. V&T Group is specialized in self-cleaning filters and has more than 15 years experience in branch. Specialists in branch analyze your application and offer the followings:

  • - turnkey filtering plants;
  • - technical assistance for startup;
  • - consulting in filtering problems;
  • - service within and after warranty period.

FILTOMAT self-cleaning filters represent the ideal solution for a wide range of application. The following FILTOMAT self cleaning filters are available:

  • M 102C - M104C series - hydraulic automated self-cleaning filters, without piston piston;
  • M 104LP - M110P series - hydraulic automated self-cleaning filters, with piston;
  • MCF/M series - electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulic automated continuous self-cleaning filters for high flow rates and high dirt load;
  • MT33P series - electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulic automated self-cleaning filters for fine filtration down to 3 µm.

Advantages of FILTOMAT self-cleaning filters
  • - no external power needed (for hydraulic automated versions);
  • - automated self-cleaning of the screen;
  • - continuous filtration of the whole liquid quantity passing through the filter;
  • - low pressure drop;
  • - easy to install and to maintain;
  • - could be installed online, no concrete or metal support needed;
  • - low overall dimensions, compact and solid design;
  • - 100% cleaning of the screen;
  • - filtering degree between 15 and 400 µm;
  • - interchangeable screens;
  • - specific design for different applications;
  • - short payback period;
  • - operated by programmable logic controller, can be integrated in computer controlled technological processes.

Based on a physical principle as simple as it is efficient, the self-cleaning filters are modern, last generation equipment with safe and efficient operation. Due to their characteristics and their different advantages, thousands of FILTOMAT filters are used by clients worldwide, in different fields of activity.

  • - filtration of water in supply circuits;
  • - filtration of cooling water; protection of different equipment against clogging and scale: heat exchangers, cleaning plants, boilers, nozzles;
  • - filtration of effluents to protect the environment;
  • - recirculation of cleaning water, cooling water.
  • - protection of irrigation plants: nozzles, sprinklers;
  • - fish farms.
  • - pre-filtration and filtration of water to transform it into potable water;
  • - removing of sand, rust etc. in district heating circuits, protection of heat exchangers;
  • - protection of boilers against clogging and scale etc.;
  • - filtration of waste water within the treatment plants.