The MT33P self cleaning automated filters realize fine filtration down to 3 μm.

  • - intended to filter potable water, water in swimming pools, waste water. Recommended for a pre-filtration before reverse osmosis;
  • - filtration down to 3 μm with thread layers;
  • - automated self cleaning;
  • - compact design;
  • - low operation costs;
  • - no additional filtering material;
  • - patented worldwide;

Operation principle of the self cleaning filters MT33P:

The water enters the filter by the inlet connection (1), is filtered in the filtering cassettes (2) and their collectors (3) and outs the filter by the outlet connection (4). During filtration, the dirt particles accumulated on the thread layers (5) cause a pressure difference between the two sides of the thread layers.

At a preset level of the differential pressure or time, the control unit (6) starts the self cleaning cycle. The inlet and outlet valves (7,8) close and the drain and flushing valves (9,10) open. the booster pump (11) deliver pressurized water to the shuttle pipe (12) and to the nozzles (13) which that spray the surface of each cassette row. The water spray, referred to as the flushing jet stream, penetrates the thread layers and hits the plastic support (14). The returning stream (referred to as the reject stream), together with the dirt from the cassette flows through the filter housing and out of the filter via the drain valve (9). The combined flushing jet and reject streams ensure 100% cleaning.

The piston assembly (15) propels the linear movement of the nozzles. When the piston reaches the end of the cassette row, the nozzle turns the cassette package to begin the next stroke until the entire cassette package is clean. When all rows have been cleaned, the flushing valve (10) and the drain (9) close. The inlet and outlet valves (7,8) open allowing water to flow through the filter and the booster pump (11) stops operating.


  • - inlet / outlet connection: 3";
  • - max. flow rate: 40 m3/h;
  • - working pressure: min. 0,2 bar / max. 10 bar;
  • - max. working temperature: 40ºC;
  • - mesh down to 3 microns;
  • - flush cycle duration: about 25-50 seconds;
  • - flush water consumption: 70 - 120 l/ cycle;
  • - flush supply: 12 m3/h la 8 bar;
  • - flushing control: pressure difference, electro-pneumatic or electro-hydrauluic;
  • - total length: 2460 mm;
  • - total height: 440 mm.